The Wildervank Sessions, live Ecstatic Dance music in a beautiful church

In the summer of 2018 we spend one day in a church with great acoustics and studio facitilities. In this inspirational building we recorded five different musical pieces. Completely improvised. Instant composition. No overdubs afterwards. With great help by studio owner Arnoud and Ecstatic Dance organiser Lale.

About the recordings
The tracks are sometimes unusually long. The longest piece counts 21 minutes. However, they all consist of a very fascinating musical trip, in which every measure brings new unexpected variations and emotions.
Unable to cut the tracks in pieces to a standard album format, we decided unstead to treat the different tracks as stand alone mini albums. Each with their own character and mood. All very danceble!

Getting to know the music slowly
We spread the release of the different pieces, so everybody can taste the unique style of the recordings. And then you can listen and dance to it wherever you want using our Spotify-paylist or Bandcamp.

We are very thankful for small donations for our recordings. You can do this easily on Bandcamp where you can pay for the tracks and then download them in high quality.

This greatly helps with our existence and opportunities to record more music and perform live often!

We hope that our music will be appreciated in all Ecstatic Dance communities, and perhaps be picked up by the dj’s to use in their sets.